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Recently I returned back to Pune after 45 days of long Business visit to USA. During these my 45 days, I visited many cities of USA like San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Okalahoma, Tulasa, Bentonville, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC. I met individual people NRI, US INDIA BUSINESS COUNCIL PERSON and BUSINESS MAN, Marathi, Gujarathi, Kanada community in America. All these my exposure to different people, places, culture led to broadening my vision in terms of highly developed .... PUBLIC INFRASTUCTURE like roads, electricity network, Drainage systems, public transport network. WORK CULTURE... Everybody is serious about about work from Monday to Friday and enjoying on Saturday and Sunday with family is very prevalent culture. I was amazed to see people respect everybodys profession. Wheather watchman, drivers to high professionals respect each other. Example security guard has high self respect and equally other give him respect. EQUALITY BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN....Both man or woman both work in house and offices. Most of the people is self reliant as to do driving, washing utensils, dusting, cooking Our Indian people in America has really changed the Image of India as IT country. Our Indian Americans are really doing well and are financially sound according to American standards. Few years back we were calling BRAIN DRAIN which actually is long term value addition in Indian economy. With the advent of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, Everybody in America is excited that India will change drastically towards high growth and development. I am sure each one of us contribution in their respective area or field can build better India in all manner.