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Celebration is not a part of Excellence Group’s core values just for face value. Along with relentless and dedicated hard work, we make sure to make the effort worth it! At Excellence, we celebrate the smallest joys with great fervor and enthusiasm. I truly believe that a little fun and frolic is very important for each person to carry on and be happy. When a person is happy and stress free he works effectively and is more productive.

In order to set a light and positive tone to the New Year, as well as a way of giving a fond farewell to the past year, we at Excellence Shelters organized a Hurdaa Party at our Purple County project. This party however free from loud music, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I must say, it was a refreshing change and a great way to celebrate! How often have we done something fun, adventurous? Work life and the engagements of everyday life get in the way and we forget to enjoy the smaller things in life.  The Hurdaa Party at Purple County was the address to an absolutely novel experience with a rustic old world charm. The employees were promised a ‘Happy Journey’ as they were taken to the site in the caravan used in the hit movie, Happy Journey! It truly gave you the chance to relive and experience the movie yourself!

It was an absolute joy to watch the entire Excellence Family along with their families, interact with each other, enjoying the warm hurdaa and the mouthwatering zunka bhakri and bharli wangi. The gathering may not be filled with elite luxury, but it definitely had something money can’t buy- a soul. It was a party to enjoy the simplest things. Although used to a city filled with fancy cars, the joy and excitement of riding a bullock cart was just unmatched. We pamper our children with the best of toys, teaching your child to fly a kite is just a second chance to relive your own childhood and giving your child a glimpse of how you grew up!

No matter how far along we may have come, it is important to stay rooted. True beauty lies in simplicity. A year that began with the Excellence family and a beautiful weekend full of simple yet exciting activities is sure to go well! I am sure this year will bring us more happiness, success, prosperity and a lot of reasons to celebrate!