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Development is a term usually confused with technological advancement or monetary increment. To be developed is equated to being sophisticated. A country’s development is an amalgamation of various other things and is certainly isn’t limited to any one parameter.  Economic growth is not the sole indicator of level of development and nor is the addition in the armament sector. Development is the collective growth of every citizen, every city, every state and every sector functioning within this country.  Even after 67 years of independence we are termed as a ‘developing nation’. Our citizens have always questioned the concept of ‘development’, but is this the correct way forward. Has pessimism ever helped anybody achieve anything productive?

We are presently living in the 21st century. The year 2014 has come to an end and that indicates that we have 9 years to reach the year 2020. Former honorable president of our country, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had a dream of a developed and thriving India by the year 2020. He envisioned a goal for which every citizen of the country is a substantial contributor and beneficiary. His book, India 2020- A Vision for a New Millenium elucidates his dreams, hopes and aspirations for a new India, a transformed India, an India that is transformed for the better and good.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam mentions three major milestones that he wishes India would achieve. These include: Freedom, Development and being able to Stand Up to the World.

India attained its freedom after years of tyranny and sacrifices. But are we able to nurture and build upon that blessing is the question every Indian must ask themselves. Freedom should also be inculcated in terms of thinking and perspective towards things.

It has been 67 years since we call ourselves a ‘developing nation’ and I believe it is high time we need to break that monotony. Our nation has a lot to be proud of. Poverty levels are falling, social upliftment is gaining pace and policies are being formulated for the benefit of every Indian residing in every strata of the society. Bridging the gap between the rural and urban areas is crucial to have an integrated approach towards development.

 India is making a mark globally, and now with the guidance of our current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am very hopeful of a brighter and prosperous nation. The world’s eyes are on us because they know that the country with world’s second largest population has immense potential to achieve heights in any and every sector. As a country too, we should be proud of our achievements and that will definitely give us a confidence boost to strive hard and work more towards the agenda of development.

 India Vision 2020, isn’t just a one man’s dream for a nation of 1.27 billion, it is a mission of these 1.27 billion to show the world what one nation is worth. It is every Indian citizen’s duty and responsibility to be a part of the process rather than dismiss the entire idea. I have faith that we will stand out as the top 5 economies of the world by the year 2020 and would have achieved 10 times than what we see today, do you?