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Dear Team Excellence and Members of EGC family,
Happy Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shashtri anniversary. Coincidentally, yesterday we had our review of Q2 and Planning of Q3. I was pleased with kind of leadership is taking shape in Excellence Group of Companies(EGC)  There three unique features in EGC which is uncommon during these days. These our 3 strength which on the basis we can say our future is bright. First and foremost is EGC origin is from Social Compassion which mean EGC will always work towards social welfare and always uphold the human values and maintain  dignity of corporate practices. This means all our corporate goals are oriented towards nation building activities.

Secondly, transparency in business is unique feature. Transparency and Trust are two sides of same coin. Trust in any relationship is foundation and plays important role in happiness of humanbeings. More the transparency highest is the trust and long lasting relationship and source of happiness.

Thirdly, strong belief in "People Power" is unique feature of EGC. Any nation, country, state, society, family, company and organisations can not be build unless there is PEOPLE POWER. Motivated people with mission and vision  with skilled people makes the people power.

We are very sure with this unique features , we can become in 3 years of time

We have unique features which many of the companies do not have BUT to become NO 1 is choice with an intention to contribute in the GDP of India, Create value in the Society.

How many of you are ready to Shoulder this NOBLE MISSION?