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Believe it or not we are doing it all the time, Selling ideas,notions,products,services from the time we grew up. 

Selling is something that uses your inherent ability to communicate with each other.

We speak to our friends, family, strangers etc all our life. Our ability to hone our mindset and communication skills are what makes for a good sales professional.

In keeping with the above, me and my team at Excellence Group has initiated a unique platform to enable the common man from any walk of life to become a trained professional in the field of Real Estate Sales.

All it requires is an individual with the dersire to learn, earn and become a professional. What is unique about this is the flexibility and convenience to pick the hours and days that you want to devote to this profession. Your gaings are directly proportional to the time and effort you devote to it.

This training programmes will induct new members are conducted on every Saturday from 1500-1830 in the Company Training Room.

The company during the course of training covers detailed information about the company and its products with immediate Sales Tips.It is a powerful network building and personal development initiative of  Excellence Group.

Please contact Thomas Kuriakose on 9822258481 for enrollemnt or write to