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One of the few values that I believe all must embrace is that of giving back to the society which has given you the luxuries you have today.
It is a stark reminder of our modest beginnings and where we stand today. 
Lest we forget, humans are social animals and cannot achieve anything without society supporting them.
In an attempt to help those who need it most, I founded Excellence Dhyas Foundation.
“Excellence Dhyas Foundation” works for the underprivileged section of the society. These are people who are neglected by the society and have been left over to lead their life in dismal conditions.
The foundation runs several programs for the benefit of unprivileged section of the society. These programs comprise support to orphan children for their education, arranging blood donation camps, capacity building trainings , etc. 
Serve NGO is another portal associated with us which acts as a one stop common platform for all the NGO's, volunteers and the social foundations and connect them with each other. The basic idea behind this portal is to bridge the gap between the individuals who wished to contribute their limited time and energy to a cause but did not know the way to go for it.
On 25th March 2015, Excellence Dhyas Foundation, true to its NGO status, helped a renowned corporate to conduct their CRS activity. It was for the 5th time that Excellence Dhyas Foundation had done so under the umbrella of 'Serve NGO' program. This time the Organization connected with an orphanage 'Compassion Charitable Trust' located in Yerawada village, Pune. At present, 'Compassion Charitable Trust' is taking care of 20 children who are all orphan and the NGO is doing a great humanitarian work by looking after their food, accommodation, education and extra curricular activity. During this event, the children exhibited their skills by presenting a dance program. Godrej also distributed gifts and snacks to the children and also donated fund of Rs 14,400 for the support of these children.
If you are one of those who would love to spend some time and resources on a noble cause please feel free to volunteer at our website here:


You can make a positive difference in someone else's life today! Don't miss the opportunity.