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Buying land is an important and precious milestone for us all. Most of us are often unaware of the legalities involved in Real Estate as we are often from unrelated professions and live busy lives.

An insight we have gathered over the years is that even customers who seek to learn about certain legal ascpects of Real Estate don't have a concrete and reliable source to learn from.This gave birht to our iniative named " Prop Solutions" where we empower people with accurate and reliable information about all legal aspects in Real Estate today.

We aim at educating them about the essential checks and tips that are extremely important for all home buyers.

It begins with the same inclination amongst all : "We want to buy land"

What are the checks for land and documents that need to be looked at before you buy it?

Verifications of Land:-

•Actual Site Visit
•Identify Plot with available demarcation sheet
•In no govt. demarcation, then tipan book/gat book/gunakar patrak
•Identify four corners of plots
•Availability of WER (Water/Electricity/Road)
•If NA plot, identify with the lay out plan.  

Verifications of Documents:-

•7/12 extracts/Mutation Entries (Ferfar)/8A Extract (Khate Utara)
•Govt. Demarcation/Private Survey Sheet
•Village Map/Gat Map/Tipan Book/Gunakar Patrak
•Zone Certificate
•Class of Land:- Khalsa / Navin Shart / Watan Land
•NA/TP Orders/Lay out plan blue print
•Separate 7/12 / KJP
•Architect’s opinion.
•Advocate’s opinion:- Public Notice/Title & Search Report.
•Valuer’s opinion

Does it end here? No,it doesn't .Even after the land has been purchased by you there are a few checks you need to remember.

Protection of land:-

•Entering name on 7/12
•Annual crops to show vahiwat
•Payment of land revenue/NA tax
•Preparing building plan & getting approvals
•Assessing the property to taxation.
Though these may seem vague at first , we would be more than pleased to host you at our office at the next session of Prop Solutions to be able to answer all your queries and doubts in detail.
Usually held once every 15 days on Saturdays every month at the address below:
Corporate Offce Address:
3rd Floor, Vasundhara Spaces,
S.No ? 167/1 & 168/1,
CTS No. 2493 & 2494, Adjacent to Rahul Hotel, Aundh, Pune - 411007 
Telephone: +91- 020 6686 0866
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