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Net Neutrality is a buzzword these days. Everyone is talking about it and its implications.
What is Net Neutrality?
Simply put it means that governments and Internet service providers should treat all data on the internet equally without discriminating or charging differentially for any data.

Eg. If Airtel decides to give preference to all Youtube data , you would never have to wait to buffer a single Youtube video ever!
But the flip side would be it will take much much longer to play any online video that is not from Youtube on your mobile phones like a video on Facebook for instance.

Now that we know what it means let’s explore its various facets.

How it impacts the Startup Culture in India?

Many start-ups in India are solely dependent on the Internet to reach out to their target audiences at no cost. With their shoestring budgets and a free internet they still have the hope to achieve great things. But if the Internet in India is turned into a preferentially treated medium, most of these startups will never be able to see the light of day and only companies with huge resources will continue to dominate the internet space.

Imagine a world where only the Flipkart’s and Amazon’s of the world will load instantly while you have to wait for any other eCommerce website to load. It would kill entrepreneurship instantly.

Any notion of abandoning Net Neutrality raises various antitrust and public interest issues.

Without Net Neutrality imagine a handful of real estate players would be the only ones whose websites and apps would work without any load time while other smaller players will continue to suffer with lack of visibility due to the low bandwidths usually experienced throughout the country

Don’t you want the internet to be free and open for all?

You can be a part of the tide that will retain Net Neutrality in India, all you have to do is log onto