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I feel humbled and proud to have been awarded by Nirvana Foundation with the " Marathi Udyojakta Award". On this occasion I would like to share a few things I have learnt on the way.  

Our youth are the most powerful force in the country today, the hopes of an entire country rests on their arms today.

Our actions have a lasting impact. The seeds we sow today determine the fruit we bear tomorrow. Similarly, the youth of today shoulders the responsibility of shaping a brighter future for generations to come. This responsibility is no child’s play. The youth today are blessed with abundant opportunities to create a difference in the society. In my opinion, the path to success is by creating a robust foundation and strong fundamentals. In my experience, this foundation can be laid with the following principles.

  1. Dream big

Everything starts with a dream. One must have the urge to turn this dream into their reality. The thing about dreams is, it keeps you going. It gives you sense of direction; A purpose in life. Don’t let anyone ever deter you from achieving this dream.

  1. Hardwork

Having a dream is the first step. However, this dream must be backed up by relentless hard work and perseverance. One must remember, a dream is just a dream if one doesn’t work to achieve it. And mere hard work without a goal or a dream is futile as it lacks direction and passion.

  1. Courage

The youth today must have courage. The courage to follow their dreams. It is not a joyride. One will come across several hurdles. One has to take the leap and be open to all the challenges that come their way.  However, courage is what keeps us going. Our problems are only as big as we perceive them to be.

  1. Integrity

On the path to achieving a dream, life throws your way several temptations, several short cuts. But is there really a shortcut to success? Shortcuts are short lived. They bring us momentary satisfaction. But, eventually, these shortcuts will cost us. The youth today must make the right choices and decisions that do not impinge on their integrity. No amount of success and money can give you the joy and happiness if it is achieved without integrity.

  1. Excellence

The value of Excellence means to never settle for anything mediocre. We must always seek to achieve excellence and perfection. No work is worth the hard work unless it is done perfectly.

  1. Gratitude

The value of gratitude is often not given its due importance. One must not get so busy chasing their dreams and be so blinded by it that we fail to acknowledge and thank those that offered their help- however small. It is great to be important, however, it is even more important to be a genuine human being.

  1. Social Compassion

Society plays a big role in our lives. A part of our success and achievements must always be credited to the society that affects our life. The youth must remember to give back to the society. Success will be meaningless if it does not create a significant difference in our society

  1. Celebration

The road to success is made up of highs and lows. The beauty lies in celebrating this journey and cherishing every aspect of it. Spend some time and celebrate the little things in life!

In conclusion, I’d like to wish the youth all the luck and success to set out on the journey of achieving their dreams and also discovering their true self! The sky is the limit. If you want something, don’t let anything stop you from attaining it.