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When we proudly call India a democratic country we tend to ignore the fact that we, the citizens of the country are monumental for this democracy to function and sustain itself.
It is rather easy to point out the things that have gone wrong and the things that are in dire need for change. Yes, there is indeed a dire need for change. But that change needs to begin with you and me.
A simple thing such as exercising our right to vote can have a domino effect thus facilitating a much needed change.
Today every citizen in the state of Maharashtra will exercise their franchise.
With the right to vote, we are entrusted the right to pick our representatives, our leaders and consequently, the progress of our country. Only we can ensure that our country and of course, our taxpayer money is in the right hands. Just the way every individual on turning 18 makes sure to get a driver's license and exercise the right to drive, we must also give the right to vote equal importance. 
The beauty of democracy lies in the freedom to recognize the best among us and pick leaders that will steer our course towards prosperity.
This year from Front Page Newspaper Ads to Movie theatres, advertising on the Internet to Social Media Channels every possible channel of communication has been used to encourage citizens to cast their vote.
Here are a few important points to keep in mind:
1.       Make your voice heard: Do you think your voice will be unheard, Think again. Thousands, Millions vote not thinking of one but the power of the collective. You are not alone, Voting ensures your voice is heard.
2.       Democracy is for the people ,by the people : If you give up on the idea of voting and the fundamental premise of a democracy then the entire system will collapse in due time
3.       Pick a formidable leader: Do you think an elected official has done a commendable job in the past and holds great promise? Unhappy with how an elected official has performed in the past?  You as a citizen have the freedom to act on these questions, and ensure progress.
It is time to put things in perspective- the future and wellbeing of the country is synonymous with the future and wellbeing of each and every citizen that resides in it.