REAL ESTATE REGULATORY BILL: Real estate and construction provides the second largest employment in India after the agriculture industry and yet negative PROFILE in banking sector. With passing of REAL ESTATE REGULATORY BILL, this sector will emerge as professional industry as its centre point is to create TRANSPARENCY in this sector. This bill is one step towards HOUSING FOR ALL by 2022 and impetuous to provide transparent real estate dealings. I am sure the international investors in the form of FDI will increase in Indian real estate sectors. The fly by night service providers will wipe out and only long term vision builders and developers will sustain. Off course consumer will benefit in big way in terms of timely completion of project and minimum defects. At the same time real estate industry will transform from unorganized to organized industry. Builders and developers will practice professionalism. Those who can't practice professionalism will perish over the period of time. It is equally expected from government ONE WINDOW APPROVALS for projects and creating online approval systems so that red tapeism is zero. I am sure this bill will become land mark decision meet the 90% requirement of AFFORDABLE HOUSING in India.