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The culture of my birthplace, Maharashtra is something I always try to nurture and cherish. I believe that it is one of the integral aspects that is responsible for shaping my personality, attitude and beliefs. In my personal as well as professional life, I always try to add a dash of Maharashtra’s rich heritage in all that I do. As a way to rejuvenate and take a break from the stresses of everyday life, I spend my time watching cinema.  Watching quality movies to me serves as food for thought. It gives me the chance to experience places I have never been to, it gives me a chance to see the world from someone else’s eyes!
Marathi cinema today is facing a much needed revolution. A lesser known fact about Marathi cinema is that it is the oldest film industry in our country. With the entry of Bollywood movies filled with entertainment and glamour and its catchy music, Marathi cinema unfortunately took a backseat and lost a lot of its viewership. But however, my loyalty stayed put. Many loyalists of this form of cinema, relentlessly endeavored to redeem it. This industry has immense talent and it is reflected in the kind of movies they make. The movies may not have a glamourous and shiny façade, but its substance has the power to provoke thought and soothe the mind. All this industry needs, is some encouragement which it is now receiving.
It pleases me to hear about Marathi movies being aired in even multiplexes alongside English and Hindi movies. The future of Marathi cinema indeed looks promising. The response it now receives from critics as well as viewers is definitely a good sign.
The upcoming release of the movie Happy Journey was eagerly awaited. Apart from experiencing the movie, I also had the chance to have a tête-à-tête with the producer, Mr. Sanjay Chhabria himself!
Mr. Chhabria and I took this opportunity to discuss the finer details of the movie, the challenges he faced to produce a Marathi cinema and the kind of response it received in the box office as well as with the critics. As he is from the industry I was able to get a closer look at the realities of the industry. It was indeed a breath of fresh air to find someone who shares the same interests and views.  Sanjay and I found ourselves lost in the history and the journey of Marathi cinema! The discussion started with the first Marathi movie Raja Harishchandra and found its way back to the scenario today. The Marathi film industry has had indeed a noteworthy journey and has contributed a lot to the Indian film industry.
Happy Journey, produced by Mr. Sanjay also speaks about a journey. It is the journey of a man who returned to his hometown- the place he really belonged to. It beautifully displays the subtleties of life, and his life altering experiences. It depicts how our experiences and encounters shape our life.
Hopeful and inspired, I look forward to see this industry flourish and of course, look forward to meeting Mr. Sanjay and engaging in a fruitful dialogue with him. Lastly, I would wish Mr. Sanjay and his crew good luck for all their future endeavors and extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sanjay for sharing his experiences and inspiring me.