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The minds of young children are like wet clay. It can be molded and shaped rather easily. With guidance directions and the right environment, we can shape the young ones and empower them. Most of us start saving up money for a better future, investing in the right places. Why not invest our time to mentor children and directing our efforts towards taking required steps to help empower them. A little investment now will yield great results in the coming days!

At Dhyas foundation, it is our aim to bring about a significant difference in the lives of others. A number of activities and initiatives are undertaken by our dedicated staff to bring us all closer to our dream of a transformed India.

In a time where violence is rampant, we must teach our children the importance of education, and empower them to use the weapon of ‘Vidya’. They say, pen is mightier than the sword. Our aim should not be just literacy, instead we must aim to educate. Literacy is about acquiring the skills and learning, while education is about the application of these skills and learning for the greater good.

By educating one child, we give them the power to shape their own destinies. Capacity building is extremely important. A child that feels independent and confident will truly prove to be an asset in every sense. The freedom to be able to shape your own destiny and be responsible for your own actions and decision is the first step towards being independent and self reliant.

With self reliance comes self confidence. With self confidence come the will and the strength to find a dream and fight for it. Statistics show most children do not get the facility to opt for basic education. Although child labour has been banned according to Indian law, there are so many instances that can be pointed where a kid maybe less than 10 year old is found working. Is this the India we would like to see?

On one hand we donate to charities and think that we are doing our bit to give back to the society and help in children empowerment, and on the other hand, so many urban households keep a young girl as their domestic help. They say charity begins at home, so why not teach these kids who stay within our vicinity and do have the access to primary education.

Children are the future of the nation. But if their today is bleak, how can we ensure a brighter tomorrow? Investing in them is the greatest and the most concrete investment one can make, because the returns are surely high and rewarding. Empowerment means enabling. Empowerment means providing solutions. And empowering children means helping children realize their dreams and at the same time means to fulfill those.  If we want a new tomorrow, we must make new choices today.