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As the year 2014 has come to an end, I must admit it has been a memorable year and has given us a lot to learn. The New Year brings to us a new vision and we hope for health, happiness and success.

This year has been rather eventful. As I look back at the year that was and the rather positive developments this year saw, I am even more anxious to know what the coming year has for sure! In the year 2014, we saw how BJP, ably lead by Mr. Narendra Modiji appealed the countrymen and became the government of India in 2014. The newly elected government has made quite a lot of favorable changes to our system. With the government in action, the road to development is not far away!

A noteworthy effort by the government was the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: Clean India Mission, a campaign with the aim to encourage every Indian to take the responsibility of keeping the country clean. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness! Seeing the government taking such proactive steps surely is a sign that our country is sure to see a brighter future and a more holistic development.

As a nation, we may have come far, however we still have miles to go. Presently, our nation is undergoing political, cultural and social change. For about fifty years our country has been a developing nation and as quoted by Abdul Kalam, “It is time we see ourselves as a developed nation” I am confident that good governance, transparency and education, that day is not far away and I am positive that by 2020, we can achieve the vision Dr. Kalam has for India.

The relaxation of foreign direct investment (FDI), another initiative taken by the government has shown the promise of progress and development. The relaxed laws not only benefit the developers and builders but also the people looking to invest.

The much awaited Companies Bill also took effect from April, 2014. In order to improve the infrastructure and an overall development for those with less or no access to opportunities, the Companies Bill aims develop the lesser developed areas. By dedicating a portion of their resource towards social welfare, corporates help make opportunities available for all. The youth of our country has immense potential. It needs to be recognized, nurtured and channelized in the right direction.

As going by the forecast, it’s been said that the housing market would be gaining a significant rise in the momentum next year. Affordable housing as a part of the government’s plan was indeed a ray of hope and a great news for Excellence Shelters! It gives me immense pleasure to be able to contribute towards the development of our country and its people.  

2014 may have come to an end, but my vision for Excellence Group continues. We have a long way ahead, but the journey is sure to be exciting! May this year spread happiness and light up the darkest corners with prosperity and joy, may everyone achieve their dreams and aspiration and may relentless hard work, perseverance and conviction never cease!